Music producers:

Want to see YOUR tracks in Aaero?

*UPDATE* - We're putting this on hold for the time being..

Thank you for all the entries so far. It's been brought to our attention that this could be seen as exploitative of artists which is the absolute polar opposite of what we were trying to achieve. We're going to have a rethink and will relaunch if we can formulate a better plan.
Watch this space.

One of the things we really want to do with Aaero is to introduce our players to amazing music they may not have otherwise heard about.

As an indie team ourselves, we'd love the opportunity to try to help draw attention to upcoming and unsigned artists.

You'd be in very good company.

The list of artists already in Aaero is something we're very proud of... like, SUPER proud of.

I mean, look at it!

Flux Pavilion - Katy B - Noisia - The Prototypes - Astronaut & Barely Alive - Megalodon - Habstrakt - Mr. Fijiwiji, Laura Brehm and AgNO3 - SUBhuman - Neosignal - Muzzy -

So, what IS Aaero?

The easiest way to find out more about the game is to watch the video below or click the Mad Fellows logo at the top of the page and have a look around our main page.

How to apply:

If you have any music that you think would be great in Aaero, please send Soundcloud, YouTube (or other) links to

How will we choose what music goes in?

Here's some of the main things we consider when choosing music for Aaero:

  • - Some songs just 'work' better than others. This is usually down to if we can create compelling ribbons for the player to follow. That's the first thing we look for in a potential track. There's loads of music we absolutely love but it's just not right for the game.

  • - Production values need to be of a standard that can hold its own alongside our existing content.

  • - In our experience, electronic music seems to work best but we'd love to be proved wrong and any genre is fine with us.

  • - Aaero has a ESRB E and PEGI 7+ rating so we need to be careful we don't add any lyrics that may Grandma choke on her Werthers Originals.

  • Please read this BEFORE applying:

    • - You must own ALL rights to the compositions and recordings you submit. You will retain all the rights to your music. Your music is yours. We'd just need your permission to use it in a non-exclusive capacity.

    • - You must own ALL of the content of the track. If you've used a sweet Method Man verse or a jangly riff from Bryan Adams... the chances are we won't be ablet o use it.

    • - If your song is selected to be included in the game, we'll need some basic multitrack recordings. Remix stems ('drums', 'bass', 'lead' and 'vocals' etc.) are ideal.

    • - Unfortunately, there's no royalties involved. I know more than most that being offered 'exposure' is bullshit. We won't pretend that we can make anyone famous. The aim here is to provide an opportunity to get your music in a video game, it also gives Aaero players more tracks to play and new music to explore. While we can't offer money, we will create a bespoke gameplay track and promote you and your music as we would any other artist in the game.

    And that's it. Let's hear you tunes!